Felipao Solidarity Xmas Tree

I have worked my Solidarity Xmas Tree for IWC Schaffhausen giving it the shape of a sculpture and in order to give it a dual use: a piece both for Christmas dates and for the rest of the year.
With this objective, the balls become a removable instrument that can also be exhibited annually.
As Mies Van der Rohe said “Less is more”, hence the clean and light structure of this rotating “tree/sculpture”.
Cesar Manrique’s mobile sculptures have also been a source of inspiration. I was in Lanzarote a few months ago and they fascinated and motivated me during the creative process.
The colors of the mobile structures and the tree are inspired by the Top Gun series from IWC Schaffhausen. The Christmas balls are a nod to the machinery of a clock, while the wood used in the structure and base is composed of samba and coto, both from sustainable forests.



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