Who is Felipao?

Felipao is the artistic name of Felipe García-Bañón Sanz-Briz, casually born in Morocco, from a diplomatic family, he has spent his early age around the globe living in France, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Kenya, UAE, …  This unique opportunity brought him a wide exposure to different realities and the chance to observe the fusion of diverse cultures.

He settled in Madrid in 1983, holds a degree in economic and business administration from ICADE. His working life passed throughout various multinational companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Telecinco, Repsol, etc.

In 2009, the need to communicate his experience and vision of beauty brought him naturally to what mattered to him: Express himself  visually.  He resigned from Bristol-Myers Squibb and started a radical new life, 100% dedicated to art.

Throughout these years he has exhibited in Germany, United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom, among other countries, collectively and individually. He has held public exhibitions (“Podenco Dafne y Lucas” – PArt Ibiza Gallery). His works are part of the private collections of Philippe Starck, former Colombian ex-President César Gaviria, the Koplowitz family and the March family, among others.

He has collaborated in specific artistic projects with brands like MINI, Tag-Heuer, Glenfiddich, Bulldog Gin, Apodemia, eBay and Beefeater.

In 2012, he launched the decoration line Felipao at home offering contemporary furniture based on LED and inspired by his bulldog sculptures.

His iconic creations have positioned him now as one of the most recognized Pop Artist in Spain, considered recently by ebay as “the Pop Artist of the moment”.

Art Statement

Art must be an element that enriches, in a way or another, our most intimate environment. I belive art has a cathartic power that´s why colour is the protagonist of my creations. I do not usually use sad colours, I want my works to convey optimism, light, strength and spirit.

I appreciate and value joyful and unique art. I intend to transmit a message, which can be ironic, creative, caustic, romantic…in all my works .When people observe them, many smile.

I am a self-taught and multidisciplinary artist, I feel identified with pop art notwithstanding I do not like to be pigeonhole in a single movement.

What we see through our eyes is something very personal and never coincident. This is the reason why I sign my paintings on the sides, so that it is the collector who places them through his own way of understanding each work.

My inspiration arises in everything I see, dream or even on my own intuition. My works reflect part of my life experience and the joy of meeting different cultures throughout my trips. That´s why, I do not follow a creative lineal pattern. Art is expression, regardless of the medium you use, for me each work is my inspiration painted on a white canvas. I consider myself as a polyvalent and ambivalent artist, both at the same time  Each creation has its soul, its history, its why … their names say a lot of them, none are casual.