I am very excited to present you my new collection of NFTs inspired by my sculpture of an English bulldog called “Poppin”, the edition of NFTs is composed of 100 unique and different digital works.

Some of you may be wondering what is a NFT? and how do they work?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. It is a digital asset that represents something unique and unrepeatable, such as a work of art or a collectible object. These assets are backed by blockchain technology, similar to a digital ledger in which data of any kind is stored. Their structure makes them unforgeable, providing the buyer with additional security when purchasing the work.

I have designed 3 series of NFT, each one with different advantages:

Series 3: Composed of 60 units. By purchasing one of them, you will also get access to exclusive events, the possibility to join our community on Discord, access to my virtual gallery and access to future releases of new collections. The price per artwork is 125€.
Series 2: Composed of 30 units. Each NFT includes a physical print of it, signed by me. In addition, it includes all the advantages of series 3. The price per artwork is 175€.
Series 1: Composed of 10 units called “Gold Poppin”. Each NFT purchased includes a physical sculpture of “Poppin”, along with all the advantages of series 3. The price per piece is 250€.
Before buying it you have to create your wallet (virtual wallet) that will serve to store this work and others that you have in the future, are two simple steps through the same platform MINT ONE.

I hope you join this creative experience!