“Poppin”, a sculpture of an English bulldog by Felipao, was chosen as a gift by LaLiga for the 1,100 footballers as part of the welcome pack for this 22-23 Season. Among them Falcao, Rakitic, Mario Suárez or Roger Marti who appear in the video. This work is a limited edition, it has a necklace with the LaLiga logo and the signature “LaLiga x Felipao” at the bottom of it. The sculpture was accompanied by a personalized Token with the most outstanding game statistics of each player during the past Season 21-22.

caja LaLiga x Felipao

“This action combines art with the values of our brand, and for this reason it has also become a campaign with its own media that has managed to provide a differential and attractive touch within the territory of art, less experienced in the universe of The league. The good reception by the players has encouraged us to share the experience with all the fans”, said Ángel Fernández, director of the Global Brand of LaLiga to MarketingNews.