2004, 2022

Design of “Sophia Awards for Excellence” – New York

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New York, NY. April 1, 2022. Her Majesty Queen Sofía presided over the Sophia Awards for Excellence award ceremony, presented by the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute of New York to Spanish historian Carmen Iglesias, Mexican [...]

2012, 2021

Collaboration with Oliva Lamps

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Felipao's iconic sculpture turned into a luminaire, joining the artist's name to the Raquel Oliva Collection, designing a line of lamps and wall sconces in the bright colors that the artist uses in his sculptures.

1209, 2021

Colaboration with Brandy Carlos I (Osborne) –

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Together with the most important cocktail bars in Madrid, Carlos I and the artist Felipao, have designed an experience that combines art and mixology. A route made up of 11 places where you can discover [...]

1107, 2019

Brand Ambassador DS Automobiles

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                                               FELIPAO creates a menina inspired by DS automobiles   The fusion of [...]

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