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Es Trenc Edition (Mallorca)



Bilayer Paint  – Suitable outdoor expousure – 2 coats of lacquer


1/20 to  20/20– Certified  (Via Block Chain) and Numbered


63 cm  Length  (24.8 inch) // 26 cm   Height  (10.2  inch) //  37 cm  Width (14.5 inch)


Fiber Glass


5 kg.  (11.02 lb.)

Each Edition is named after a beach that is where they spawn


Among the four mythological animals of China, the Tortoise is the one with the highest wisdom and the gift of longevity. Legend says that the mythical god-emperor Fuxi (2400 BC) discovered the eight trigrams in the shell of a sacred tortoise (early Chinese fortune-tellers predicted the future by piercing tortoise bones or shells and examining the resulting cracks that may have inspired the Yijing lines).

They are also credited with being bearers of good luck, being also a decorative and channeling element in Feng Shui techniques. They are considered guardians and protectors located in the four corners of a building.

After the coronavirus, what reflections do we make to move forward as a society? This is the first question I asked myself after having experienced it, quite intensely, personally.

When it all started, we had a strange feeling, we had never experienced before, that of being trapped against our own will….

As days went  by, we began to discover the advantages of moving very slowly, which gave us the opportunity to differentiate between the essential and the expendable … and to spend more time living together, missing our loved ones that we could not see.

Before we didn’t have time (and we didn’t use it) to go to the park, to talk nonsense on the phone for hours, to watch a series, to listen to a bird sing, to learn to cook, to read, to exercise at home …… etc .

Until now we had not discovered the advantages of a collective novelty, telecommuting, and how to combine it with family life.

Reflection: Have we returned to the cave, in a technological way?

The post-covid era; will bring us changes: greater flexibility, distinguishing what is urgent  from what is important, becoming aware of the fragility of the human condition and learning to value what we had.

Slow Life is an important lesson from the coronavirus. The turtle has been practicing it for thousands of years. Some “casually” live more than 200 years.

After these reflections:  Will we learn ?

Speedy’s polyhedral shell augurs a promising future for us, if we apply what we have learned during these months … Speedy is a turtle on the move, looking upwards towards the future and walking towards its goals with thoughtful steps, advancing wisely thanks to the reflection that the slow-life allows us.

My grandfather collected turtles. For some serious reason  would be ……



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