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Speedy Silver Bilayer paint



Bilayer Paint  – Suitable outdoor expousure – 2 coats of lacquer


23cm  Length  (9.05 inch) // 8.5cm  Height  (3.14 inch) //  13.5cm  Width (5.11  inch)




1.6 kg  gr  (35.27  lb.)


Tailor Made Box

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After  Covid, what reflections do we make to move forward as a society?

This is the first question I asked myself after having experienced it personally, quite intensely.

When it all started we had a strange feeling, never experienced before, of being trapped against our will….

As the days went by, we began to discover the advantages of moving more slowly, which led us to differentiate the essential and the indispensable … and to spend more time living together, missing our loved ones that you cannot see.

Before we didn’t have time (and we didn’t use it) to go to the park, to talk nonsense on the phone for hours, to watch a movie, to listen to a bird sing, to cook, to read  …..

Until now we had not discovered the advantages of teleworking, a collective novelty, and how to combine it with family life; the use of zoom and other activities.

Have we returned to the cavern cybernetically?

The return will bring us changes: greater flexibility, distinguishing what´s urgent from what´s  important, becoming aware that we are ALL vulnerable .

The “Slow Life” is a lesson from the Covid. The turtle has been practicing it for thousands of years.

Will we learn it?

Most of us have had turtles as children, being part of our childhood memories.

It is a symbol of longevity, wisdom and fertility in many cultures; as well as good luck, stability, happiness and immortality in others.

Hence its presence in the living rooms and gardens of many houses.

The Celestial Guardians of feng shui are four: Black Turtle, Green Dragon, White Tiger and Phoenix Red, the turtle is the only one that lasts.

My grandfather collected turtles. Sure he had a reason   …





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