LOVE BOMB is a heart shaped hand-grenade in vibrant colours that allows you to communicate what you want to whomever you want, since its interior contains a test tube with a paper roll where you can write a message. Its uses are multiple, from an original and powerful decoration piece to a singular element to communicate feelings and create emotions. LOVE BOMB can be for your partner, to tell a friend he rocks, to ask for marriage, for whomever you want and in the way that reflects you the most. Each LOVE BOMB is made of resin and hand painted, its bomb fuse is made of metal and then gold or nickel plated.  The packaging is a wooden box with a cord handle, with a claim  “TNT with love” Other ideas can be placed inside: a perfum, a USB port with images or music, an engagement ring,a key, an airplane ticket, an echography or even an aspirine……  Its utility opens your personal creativity of what can be sent inside.   ¡¡Release what you feel and express it !!