Discover Felipao’s NFT

Felipao’s Menina is a unique and extraordinarily innovative performance that now enters the metaverse with the NFTs.

The collection consists of 2 different types of works with animated meninas in 2D (Edition of 30 – All in different colors) and in 3D (only 5 works, numbered, different and unique).

The meninas that make up Felipao’s first digital art collection are now available.

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“Creating an NFT was an idea that had been going around in my head for about a year. My first NFT is an oxymoron between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries, it takes everything out of context and creates a very special and colorful dreamlike reality”

Enter the new digital art investment ecosystem

You do not need to do anything special, or “technical”, to buy your NFT and enjoy certified ownership.

Get your NFT, with the guarantee of Vottun, recognized leader in blockchain solutions.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a technology that allows you to have a digital certificate that ensures the authenticity of something, in this case a 2D artistic creation by Felipao. An NFT is highly secure and cannot be duplicated, so it allows you to know which is the original copy of a digital art.

Certain works of art have always gained value and are distinguished by being exclusive. This is precisely the value that NFTs add to the world of digital art. Hence its extraordinary boom.

Through this new and disruptive technology, artists can generate a certificate of authenticity impossible to replicate, to protect their digital works and their rightful owners.

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